Raw Milk

Raw Milk




Our herd is milked under high hygienic milking procedures starting from cows, milking parlours to milkers (operators), ensuring production of highest quality milk.

Our natural milk goes directly from the cow to the cooling tank with no human interaction and instantly cooled down from 37 degrees to 3 degrees (sudden cooling) to ensure the highest quality of natural milk according to the world standards.

Today, our milk is constantly analysed in our farm labs. We make sure we fulfil all necessary tests, which guarantee the delivery of natural milk of the highest quality.

We literally and figuratively serve you the “crème de la crème” milk! We provide the creamiest milk in the market, which is highly rich in fat, protein, minerals, total solids and all the nutritional elements needed! Thanks to our milk producers (cows) that are being fed by our team of nutritionists who provide cows with the most well-balanced ration to maintain their health and assure top milk production!


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