We present the best dairy and dual-purpose breeds; Holstein, Simmental and Brown Swiss to meet all farms needs.

Top genetic cows from the three breeds to help you balance your herd according to your needs.

Years of breeding and improving the most profitable balanced economical cow, adapted to the hot Egyptian climate.

  • Holstein: If you are looking for the best dairy cow Holstein is your aim … No 1 milk producing cow worldwide with an average production of 36 liters per day and 11,000 Kgs/Lactation (305 days).
  • Brown Swiss: If you are looking to raise your milk’s protein content Brown Swiss will do it for you …. A dual purpose cow with the Highest protein content and great functionality. Our Brown Swiss herd’s average production per day is 33 liters and above 10,000 Kgs/Lactation (305 days).
  • Simmental: you want both milk and beef …. Simmental the most balanced breed that is noted for featuring high daily weight gains and high meat yield. It is a modern dual-purpose cow with highest fertility performance in Egypt, and a milk production of an average 30 litres per day and above 9,000 Kgs/Lactation (305 days).


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