If you are looking for healthy bulls which inherited superior traits from both sides; sire and dam, you have found what you are looking for!

Our top genetic bulls are carefully selected from best cows and top ranked bulls worldwide. Our Bulls come from the finest three dairy and dual purpose breeds; Holstein breed, Simmental and Brown Swiss.

We have particularly focused on sustainable genetics of longevity, exceeding milk production and significant fertility, and proper conformation, to continue for years to come.

Accordingly, our genetically superior bulls guarantee you longevity, milk production, fertility and conformation which assure genetic improvement to achieve a well-balanced profitable herd.


If you are interested in top quality beef, we also offer a premium selection of fattening bulls, which vary from Simmental, Brown Swiss and finally Holstein.

Our young bulls are in an excellent condition, well-fed and healthy. We guarantee you the finest beef that will exceed expectations of your satisfied consumers.

We have implemented best management methods in our herd, which do not only provide you the healthiest & safest beef supply, but also the tastiest in terms of; flavor, tenderness and leanness too!


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