Our Farm

Milky’s Farm is a Mega farm with size of 100 acres, with a herd of morethan 3,700 cows. We provide finest high quality Milk, carefully produced,with close attention to every detail. Each process in the farm is accomplishedaccording to world standards & under supervision of experienced dairy experts.At Milky’s, we strongly believe that a happy cow is a productive cow; hence weprovide our herd with ideal conditions that help them lead a happy, long,productive life.Milky’s Farm is a model farm that is managed according to the best modernpractices in the world. We implement latest acknowledged technologies that help usrun our farm with maximum efficiency.Milky’s is the only commercial farm in Egypt which has its own farm based laboratory,in which all bacterial viral milk qualitative tests are undertaken. Additionally, we arethe only commercial farm implementing embryo transfer in Egypt; the fastest solution toboost a greater number of genetically improved calves & grow a flawless herd.

Our Team

We have realized that building a self-motivated team that is committed to it’s workplace, leads to a successful business and a united staff.

Therefore we constantly share our diverse experiences and daily challenges altogether, to give each individual the opportunity to grow on all levels and develop different experiences.

Because we believe that a well equipped team is an accomplished business’ Strongest armor and is the secret behind it’s maintained success, we invest greatly in their development, through trainings, educational trips and exposure to varied challenges.